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We’re everything you need and more

AVSi is a one-stop solution for all commercial and residential technology needs. We’re serving various industries, with different technologies that enhance their function and delivery. Discover more about our services and who we can help with below.

Restaurants & Bars
Fitness Centers
Lodging & Hospitality
Education/Training/R&D Facilities
Entertainment Facilities
Home & Vacation Properties


Nothing saves time and money like automation, addressing the menial tasks and freeing up time to focus on something else. AVSi has products, applications, systems, and installation services that can help with the following:

  • Audio/Video

  • Home Theater

  • Custom Touch Screen Interfaces

  • Remote Access

  • HVAC
  • Window Shades

  • Garage Doors

  • Power Management


Communication is critical in a home, business, or entertainment venue. Trust that we stock state-of-the-art audio equipment that will be highly effective in its intended purpose. Our products and services include:

  • Audio Distribution – Commercial & Residential

  • Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Systems – Commercial & Residential

  • Stage and Night Clubs

  • Paging Systems

  • Intercoms

  • Sound Masking


Video is fast becoming a critical asset to success, considering its widespread usage at home and work. We provide systems and devices that take your visuals to the next level, from business signage to home projection systems.

  • Analog and Digital Video Distribution – Commercial & Residential
  • Indoor/Outdoor Display Installation – Commercial & Residential
  • Video Walls / Direct View LED (DvLED)
  • Projection Systems
  • Custom Gaming Walls
  • Digital Signage


Lighting systems set the scene and tone for any personal or professional event. We supply lighting rigs that create your desired ambiance and can get easily controlled remotely. Our lighting specialties include:

  • Touch Panel and Tablet Control Interfaces

  • Automation System Integrated

  • Architectural

  • Glow/UV & Effect

  • Stages

  • Dance floors

Collaborative Systems

Have you got a client pitch coming up? Perhaps you have a team that needs a more efficient space to share ideas and opinions. Our collaborative systems allow businesses to achieve more and maximize productivity.

  • Simple and Cost Effective Media Presentation Systems for Small Rooms

  • Video Conferencing and Multi Camera Boardrooms

  • Smart Boards for Business & Education

Surveillance & Security

We all want peace of mind knowing our valuables and significant spaces have protection from interlopers. AVSi takes surveillance and security seriously, and we have the tools you need to take home and business safety to the next level.

  • Analog and IP CCTV

  • Digital Security Alarms

  • Automation Integration

Access Control

Some places need that extra layer of security enhanced by a technological authentication process. We specialize in installing analog and digital access door systems that can achieve that protection.

  • Analog and Digital Door Access

  • Custom and Specialty Door Access

  • Custom and Specialty Room Occupancy Monitoring


We understand that getting DirectTV installed in your home or business can be a frustrating chore. Why not leave the hard work to us, where we’ll get your satellite TV up and running effortlessly?

  • Satellite Distribution Equipment Installation

  • Satellite Equipment Sales

  • Account Setup and Programming

  • Approved Installer and Service Provider

  • IP/RF – COM3000 & Mediatune Systems


Do you need better internet at home or work? Maybe there’s a concern for the safety of your online systems. Our consultants understand the full range of needs in data and can bring the most robust solutions to the most pressing concerns.

  • Network Security and Firewall

  • Private and Public WIFI

  • Scalable Mesh Networks

Low Voltage Wiring and Termination

Our knowledge and capabilities run so deep that we’re even experts in lower-grade technologies. Should you need simple yet functional assets or installation services, AVSi is the holistic solution to your requirements.

  • Phone and Data

  • Point of Sale

  • Alarm

  • Surveillance

  • Audio

  • Video

  • Controlled Access

  • Structured Cabling


Modern communications, such as VoIP, are essential to streamlining businesses and reducing costs. Discover our range of voice equipment that brings your communication standards into the future.

  • VoIP Phones

  • VoIP Service

  • On-Prem or Cloud Hosted Platform